Mickey Mouse - Set of 50 - Waterslide Nail Decal

Mickey Mouse - Set of 50 - Waterslide Nail Decal

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Create nail designs in less than a minute with these waterslide nail decals by Boston Nail Art!

These nail decals will look great with any color nail polish, however these are printed on clear decal paper, and will look best on white or clear polish. Please note that the colors shown in white in the printed decal will show through the actual color of your nail polish.

Includes complete instructions on how to apply these decals. Works with regular nail polish, acrylic and gel nail polishes! A clear topcoat will be needed to seal the decals afterwards. Decals will last as long as your manicure!


NOTE: These waterslide decals do not have any adhesive.  They are a waterslide nail decal, which a top coat of nail polish will need to be applied to secure to the nail.